Make This Year the Year For A New Roof

In addition to your foundation, your roof is the most important part of your home. A roof leak can be a disaster and cause water damage to the inside of your home. There comes a point where repairing the roof is no longer an option and you need to have a roof replacement. There are many reasons to replace your roof, but the most important one is making certain that it protects you where it counts. There are many reasons why you should plan a summer roofing replacement this year.
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Roofing is Just One Step in Protecting Your Home

On a more serious note, I do not know of anything that can ‘get you down’ worse than falling through that roof. Discovering structural damage to your house caused by a leaky roof that should have been replaced years ago does not make for a good day.

Depending upon the climate where you live, and the amount of extreme weather you may experience, roofs, more specifically, roof condition, should be monitored more regularly than most house owners ever stop to think about. Many people pay more attention to their shrubbery and lawns than they do their roofs.

The roof, along with the foundation, is the life of a house since the roof is its covering. Regular roof inspections should be a part of every house owner’s regular maintenance.

After a severe weather event, one of the first areas to check is the roof. Annual roof damage figures demonstrate just how much roof damage weather causes annually. Estimates range from $1 billion to 29 billion during the most active weather years.
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