Get To Know Different Types of Roofs and Replacement Costs

One of the most widely reported damages to the property is roof damage, and if it is not addressed in-time, it can cause damage to the entire property. Many times the roof leaks cause other types of damages such as mold, interior property damage, floor damage, etc. If you come to know that you want to replace the roof as a last resort, obviously the next question is what type of roof and how much does it cost. It is better to know some popular types of roofs and its costs for an average home before proceeding with the replacement.

Asphalt Shingles

The most common roofing material and economic as well. It is light in weight, and the recent technology developments are making asphalt shingles recyclable after its shell period. This makes it more cost-effective for the users. If you are planning to install the roof yourself, it would cost you $680 to $3,700 for an average home. However, if you depend on a professional, the amount changes to the range of $1,700 to $8,400. It should be noted that the cost changes according to the state and locality.

Metal Roof

The metal roof is mostly made of steel, aluminum, or copper. The durability is the prime factor that makes the roof attractive. Also, the maintenance cost is less comparing to other types of roofs. However, the high initial cost is making it not popular for people who look by cost perspective. The average cost of the steel roofs stands at $5,100 to $22,000, whereas aluminum comes in the range of $11,900 to $24,200, and the copper that needs additional maintenance stand in the range of $25,500 to $39,600.

Wood Shake Shingles

It is made from hard woods like cedar and comes mostly in rectangular shape. It is a good choice in extreme weather conditions as it is not susceptible to climatic conditions. The negative aspect is that the wood shake needs regular maintenance, and it is prone to insect infection, if not treated. Also, the installation cost of the roof is comparatively high with asphalt shingles. Wood shake shingled roofs cost $6,800 to $20,000. The wood shake shingles can be recycled after its life span.

Slate Tiles

It is an environment-friendly, long lasting, and fire resistant roof type. You should note that slate tiles can last up to 150 years, and if you are planning for a permanent roof for long years, this can be your choice. The negatives of the roof are that many roofing contractors are not experts in installing the slates. The slates are heavy in nature, and before installing it, a structural engineer should be called on for inspection to see whether the structure can hold it or not. Also, the durability is another factor as the slate tiles are fragile in nature. For a 2,000 square feet home, the cost ranges from $17,000 to $84,000. Though it is costly, people would find it beneficial considering its long-lasting nature.

Tiled Roof

It is also an environment-friendly roof with long life span. It is more stylish than other types of roofs, fire resistant, and ensures protection against rotting. It withstands better against climatic conditions and ensures better protection to dwellers from weather changes. When it comes to the pricing of the roof, concrete tiles would cost in the range of $7,650 to $21,000, and ceramic tiles cost at around $11,900. The tiled roof generally lasts 50 years and proper maintenance can ensure it beyond 100 years.

Finding the right roof according to your requirement and affordability is not a heavy task. If you need any assistance regarding the estimate, the right choice of roof, or any other questions, feel free to consult with a qualified roofing contractor in your area.