Recognizing The Need for a New Roof

Though we don’t encourage our clients to climb up onto their roofs looking for damage, you do need to pay constant attention to the state of such a vital aspect of your home. Your roof protects you from a lot, and in that protection it takes a beating. If it gets damaged it cannot protect you as well as it should and likely won’t be as aesthetically appealing as it was when it was installed. That is why you need to call a professional roofing contractor in Dallas Texas like A Grade Roofing to assess the structural state of your roof every 3-5 years.

In between those assessments, there are signs to look for on your roof that point to the need for immediate action. Here are the signs that you need a new roof sooner rather than later:

Aging Roof

Do you know how old your current roof is? 10 years old? 20 years old? The typical life of a roof is around 20 to 25 years. If your roof was installed over another layer of shingles or the top layer is over 20 years old, you should consider a new roof.

Buckling of Shingles

Areas of your roof that are subject to more weather will break down faster. Those areas tend to show signs of buckling, and if you have lots of shingles that are buckling or curling it could mean your shingles need to be replaced.


A valley in your roof is where two points in your roof meet and help to guide rain and other debris to your gutters. Issues in the valleys of your roof can create build-up of debris which good lead to leaking in that area of the roof.

Missing Shingles

Typically, shingles can be replaced. However, if shingles have been missing for long periods of time, portions of the roof may need to be taken apart and replaced.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is a term for the roof cement and tar that is installed around your chimney. This is a very common area of roof damage and can often be replaced with a weatherproof sealant. If left to its own devices, however, it can cause serious, irreplaceable damages.

Missing Granules

If you are finding granules in your drain pipe after a heavy rain, you may be in need of a new roof. Missing granules is one of the first signs your roof is in need of some repair.

Dark Patches

Dark patches are hard to recognize if your roof is a darker color, but are often the result of missing shingles or granules. Check your drain pipe after heavy storms.