Are you sure your roof will last? Get a guarantee and a warranty

People don’t often think about the roof over their heads. As long as the roof is strong and intact, they can enjoy some peace of mind and not have to worry about design flaws and expensive damage.

This peace of mind is what GAF strives to provide with superior roofing products. As the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in North America, GAF has developed technologies that give your roof durability and powerful protective qualities. The company expresses confidence in these products by subjecting them to rigorous testing and by backing up their installation with long-term warranties.

Upgraded warranties for GAF laminated shingles

GAF has introduced important upgrades to their warranty policies. Nowadays, if you install any of their laminated shingles, including Timberline shingles, you’ll be covered by the company’s Lifetime Limited Warranty. For as long as you remain the owner of your home, this warranty will apply to your shingles and serve as a guarantee of quality.

The company has also authorized additional upgrades to the System Plus and Golden Pledge warranties. Factory-certified contractors, including A Grade Roofing, can offer you these comprehensive warranties, which include workmanship coverage. The warranties are a testament to the value of GAF roofing materials and the mastery of the contractors who have received certification from the company.

Why did GAF feel confident introducing the upgraded warranties?

In recent years, GAF began using their breakthrough Advanced Protection Technology. Shingles produced with Advanced Protection Technology get subjected to over 185 tests that ensure a high performance across a wide range of dimensions.

These dimensions include resistance to extreme weather conditions. Powerful winds, heavy rains, raging storms, heat waves, and steep drops in temperature are all forces that can tear apart or wear down your roof. The Advanced Protection Technology helps protect against these forces. Whether you live in an area prone to hurricanes, blizzards, or extremes in temperature, you’ll want a roof that can withstand the raw power of nature. When you invest in these shingles from GAF, you spare yourself the expense, inconvenience, and stress of a seriously damaged or destroyed roof.

The company’s proprietary formula for the adhesive ensures that the shingles stay in place. The shingles, which combine layers of asphalt, limestone content, and fiberglass, resist leaks and hold out powerfully against gradual erosion and degradation. Free of unnecessary filler materials, these shingles also have an optimal weight and are less likely to crack than other types that aren’t as advanced.

Every substance that goes into the shingle contributes to its performance, so there’s nothing wasted. The elimination of waste is part of the increased commitment GAF has shown to environmental friendliness. GAF has also designed certain kinds of shingles that perform well on energy efficiency, saving you costs in maintaining a comfortable temperature for your home.

Get your shingles installed by top professionals

Installing shingles is an intense job and calls on special skills and knowledge to perform correctly. Certified, licensed, and insured contractors will help you maximize the benefits of GAF shingles.

There are a number of considerations to make when installing shingles, including the architectural style, size, and layers of the roof, the climate you live in, and the budget you’re working with. Shingles come in different designs; the type of shingles you choose should suit the overall appearance of your home. Contractors will help you choose the shingles that best fit your roof and your personal preferences. With highly skilled contractors, you also benefit from a guarantee of superior work and reassuring coverage from warranties. When the job is done, you won’t have to worry about the condition of your roof.

For additional information about the products and warranties that GAF offers, you can visit their website or contact us. As factory-certified contractors, we have the expertise and experience to respond to your questions and successfully complete your roofing project.

Watch the GAF Lifetime Warranty Upgrade Video: