5 Different Roofing Materials That Match Your Home and Personality

Installing a roof gives you the unique opportunity to balance your needs and style in a way that will last for years. There are multiple materials to choose from, and the numerous options can make the decision making process difficult. Let’s explore five different roof materials and how they can benefit your home practically and stylistically.


Asphalt is popular because it is one of the cheapest roofing options available. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer a wide variety of stylistic options, though! Asphalt is especially well suited for a basic suburban home. While it’s inexpensive, asphalt does not last long, and it doesn’t offer the same protection as other options. Asphalt is great for someone who liked to fit in with the rest of the street! It’s used in 80% of homes in America.


Metal comes in a variety of stunning colors for the person that likes to stand out. Alternatively, it’s available in a low slope to make the roof less of the focus. While especially great with contemporary and modern homes, metal is available in shingles that make it appropriate for bungalows, cabins, and cottages as well. You can walk on metal, and it’s easy to paint, so you can change the look of your house quite easily with metal shingles. Metal roofs last 50 – 100 years, and they are made from recycled material that is fully recyclable when it does get taken down. This makes it perfect for someone who considers themselves environmentally conscious. Metal roofs are perfect for someone who has style but still value durability and safety.


Made completely of beautiful stone, slate offers a lovely rustic appeal that would suit any high-end country estate. Slate screams elegance and style. It’s the most expensive material, but it’s weight makes it particularly long-lasting. In fact, some roofs have been known to last centuries (75 years is what you can expect, though). Slate drastically adds to the curb appeal of your home. Your neighbors will love it, and it could attract buyers who enjoy the finer things in life. Slate roofs show that you are a person with exquisite taste, and you are not the type to cut corners.


Clay roofs are perfect for Mediterranean and Spanish-style homes. They’ve been used in Europe for hundreds of years, and they last so long some building still have parts of the original roof. Many people are mimicking the style, especially in Florida. They are also used often on adobe and stucco houses in the South West to match the beautiful dessert setting. Common colors are red and brown, but other options are available. Clay roofs are quite heavy and expensive, but they last long and offer great protection from the elements. Some people opt for concrete instead to save a little money. Clay roofs demonstrate a sunny personality and someone that embraces culture and style. While not traditional, you have a timeless appeal that matches the clay roof.


Wood provides a unique look that embodies coziness and tranquility. Combine this material with a bungalow or cottage style home to really complete the feel of being in the woods. Cedar shingles in particular are often utilized in the Pacific Northwest where cedar is plentiful. Other popular wood choices are redwood and pine. Wood has quite a few downfalls that you should consider. Wood is expensive, needs constant maintenance, and it’s not the safest option against fire. However, natural wood has a unique look that cannot be matched with synthetic materials. It’s important to note that some areas do not allow wood roofs, and if you do choose to go with a wood roof, get it treated with fire-resistant coating.